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What types of orthodontics do you offer for adults?

Imagine being able to straighten your teeth and get professional teeth cleanings done throughout your treatment, all at the same convenient location!

At Emery Village Dental, we are thrilled to provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adults that includes both traditional braces and invisible braces with Invisalign.

Man smiling with braces on his teethTraditional Orthodontics for Adults

Traditional braces offer adults with complex bite issues the chance to straighten their teeth and correct their bite with brackets and wires. Straighter teeth promote better dental health since they are easier to keep clean when you brush and floss.

A properly aligned bite makes chewing and eating more comfortable and helps you avoid painful problems with your jaw joint.

More straightforward cases may have the option to straighten their teeth with invisible braces in North York through Invisalign.

Invisalign in North York

Instead of using brackets and wires, Invisalign offers busy adults the opportunity to straighten their teeth with clear plastic aligners. Clear aligners will gradually move your teeth when you wear them consistently for at least 22 hours each day.

Adult patients love the convenience and discretion that Invisalign treatment offers. Aligners are smooth, comfortable to wear, and hardly noticeable. They're also removable, so you don't have to change your diet or your brushing and flossing routine throughout your treatment.

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