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What You Can Expect During Root Canal Treatment

July 24, 2022
Posted By: Emery Village Dental
man sitting in dental chair after root canal treatment in north york

Root canals have a terrible reputation developed from being associated with pain. The truth is root canal therapy actually relieves your pain and discomfort. What causes the pain is a tooth infection.

So if you need a root canal in North York, you can rest assured that it will eliminate your pain while protecting your natural tooth's integrity.

What Happens During Root Canal Therapy in North York?

First, our dentists will use dental anesthetics to numb the area surrounding your infected tooth, ensuring you don't feel anything during the procedure and alleviating your pain.

Next, they'll carefully remove the infected tissue inside your tooth, ensuring it's infection-free before sealing it with a temporary filling. Your tooth needs time to heal, and your dentist may prescribe an antibiotic to fight your infection.

After your tooth has had time to heal, you'll return to your dentist to have them strengthen your tooth with a permanent filling or crown. Root canal treatment tends to make a tooth more brittle, and rebuilding your tooth with permanent restoration ensures that you have all the eating and chewing functions you enjoyed before your tooth infection.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

Root canals don't hurt because our dentists use the latest technology to streamline the procedure for efficiency and the best anesthetics to ensure that you're completely numb throughout the procedure.

Our dentists use rotary endodontic tools that are electric and made of nickel-titanium, which is more flexible and can access your tooth canals more quickly than the stainless steel tools dentists used in the past. In addition, the electric tools work more efficiently, which means less time in the dental chair for patients. 

At Emery Village Dental, we also offer different levels of dental sedation options that can help patients with anxiety or dental phobia feel more relaxed and at ease during procedures like root canal treatment in North York.

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