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What is gum grafting surgery?

When you suffer from periodontal disease, an infection attacks your gums and soft tissues. The infection can cause gum recession, and unfortunately, your gums won't heal or regenerate independently. When your gums recede, your roots may become exposed, which can be very painful and also allows bacteria to reach your jawbone.

close up of gums being checked at dentistGum Grafting in North York

Gum grafting surgery is a procedure that grafts healthy soft tissue from other areas of your mouth and replaces the lost tissue around your teeth. The new tissue integrates over a period of about two weeks with your remaining tissue providing better support and protection for the roots of your teeth.

Instead of referring you to a specialist, Dr. Joo has the skills and training to perform gum grafting surgery here at our North York dental office. 

Periodontal Disease Prevention

Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. However, it is also a condition that you may be able to avoid with an excellent home care routine and consistent visits to your dentist every six months for teeth cleanings and checkups.

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