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Dental Implants in North York From Start to Finish

April 26, 2022
Posted By: Emery Village Dental
man smiling after getting dental implants in North York

Whether you're struggling with one or multiple missing teeth, dental implants in North York can be an excellent tooth-replacement option. You might've heard of them, but what does it take to actually complete a dental implant? Here's what you should know.

Step #1: The Evaluation

Your implant dentist starts with a thorough evaluation to determine if dental implants are a viable option for you. Your evaluation includes x-rays and a thorough examination so we can ensure that you're in good overall health and have enough healthy bone to support your dental implant successfully.

Typically implants are ideal for most patients, but if you lack enough bone support, for example, Dr. Joo may recommend a bone grafting procedure to rebuild your bone.

Step #2: Implant Placement

At Emery Village Dental, we offer comprehensive implant dentistry, which means that our highly skilled dentists can complete your implant from start to finish here at our North York dental office. Dr. Joo carefully places dental implants during a simple surgical procedure and monitors your healing process while your implant fuses and integrates with your bone.

This process is called osseointegration, and it typically takes anywhere from three to six months.

Step #3: Implant Restoration

It's ready to support a customized restoration after your implant completely heals and integrates with your bone. This is a porcelain crown tailored to blend flawlessly with your smile for a single tooth. 

Patients missing multiple teeth can also enjoy the benefits of dental implants because a few implants can support a bridge or denture, which mitigates tooth loss. A bridge anchored with dental implants repaces adjacent missing teeth, while a denture can restore an entire arch.

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