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When should my child first visit the dentist?

Dr. Moore loves taking care of children and suggests they have their first dental visit around one-year-old. This may seem early, but it allows your little one to acclimate to dental appointments and start to feel comfortable in "the big chair."

We spend those first visits just helping them feel at ease at their children's dentist and counting their teeth. Then, as they grow and get used to visiting the dentist, we'll incorporate teeth cleanings into their dental appointment.

family of four laughing and playing on the couchFluoride Treatments For Children

Eventually, as they grow and develop, we may offer fluoride treatments to strengthen small teeth and dental sealants to protect them from cavities. 

Mouth Guards to Help Protect Teeth

If your child participates in sports, our dentists can recommend a suitable mouth guard to protect their teeth and mouth. In addition, sports injuries account for nearly half of dental emergencies, so protecting your son or daughter's smile during sports activities is essential.  

We also offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment at Emery Village Dental. So if your son or daughter needs their teeth aligned, it's easy to get everything done for their smiles in one convenient location.

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If you have concerns or questions about your little one's dental health, or if it's time to schedule their next dental visit, please give Emery Village Dental a call today. Dr. Moore is the children's dentist in North York that parents trust.