Children's Dentistry in North York

At Emery Village Dental, we love taking care of patients of all ages! Dr. Moore especially enjoys working with children and likes them to begin visiting their North York children’s dentist at around 12 months old.

While this may seem early, it gives our dentists the chance to begin building rapport and a relationship with your little one. We can also start monitoring your son or daughter’s dental development and make you aware of any concerns as early as possible when the problems may be easier to treat.

baby smiling with two bottom teeth showing in north yorkYour Little One’s First Dental Visit

We strive to make first visits to the dentist comfortable and fun for children. We’ll spend time talking with them, giving them a ride in the “big dental chair,” and counting their teeth if they’re comfortable with it.

This is a great time for parents to ask their questions and discuss any concerns with our dentists. We'll help you partner with your child at home to promote excellent oral health.

We want your child to feel welcome, safe, and comfortable during their dental appointments, so we’ll only incorporate cleanings and other dental treatment into their visits if they’re completely comfortable and ready for it.

Dental Needs As Your Child Grows

Children’s dental needs change as they get older, and our dentists may recommend additional treatments like fluoride and dental sealants to protect their developing smiles.

Fluoride is a mineral we use to build and strengthen your little one’s teeth, while dental sealants cover the surfaces of their molars to keep them from developing tooth decay and cavities.

If your child participates in sports, our dentists recommend the appropriate mouth guard to protect their teeth and mouth from injury. In addition, we can help you protect your kid’s smiles with a custom mouth guard that will cover their teeth without interfering with their performance.

Our dentists will also evaluate your son or daughter for orthodontic treatment around the age of seven or eight years old. Some children can benefit from early orthodontic intervention, and we provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment here at Emery Village Dental.

Imagine being able to straighten your son or daughter’s teeth at the same dental office where they get their teeth cleaned! We make taking care of small smiles convenient at our North York children’s dental office.

Young boy brushing teeth in north yorkLead by Example at Home

As a parent, you can help give your little one the gift of a healthy smile by setting a good example for them. Caring for their teeth begins even before the first one arrives. Parents can wipe away any excess milk or formula from their gums with a warm washcloth after feedings to protect their mouths from bacteria.

When their first tooth arrives, parents can begin brushing twice a day with a soft-bristled infant toothbrush. You can even incorporate toothpaste that’s safe to swallow as more teeth arrive.

Your child will need your assistance with their dental home care routine until around the age of eight years old. Let them watch you brush and floss your teeth. Doing so helps them learn proper techniques and enforces good habits.

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